Monday, December 19, 2016

Fearless Fresh - Stephanie Stiavetti

On the right hand side of my site below "Popular Posts" I have a "Free Culinary Resource Page". This is where I gather links that I think would be helpful to other people who love to cook. Check it out if you haven't already! Today I am adding a link to an old, new website.

Awhile ago I subscribed to The Culinary Life Newsletter. But due to a technical glitch, I quit receiving emails. Originally it was a food blog at It has since changed its name to, where Stephanie Stiavetti is building a free online cooking school.

 Fearless Fresh - Stephanie Stiavetti
If you sign up for her updates you get a link(s) to free cooking eBooks and training. Her recipe archives are great! The colors, pictures, layout and design of the website is impressive! This also carries over to her printable recipes and downloadable PDF's. NICE.

[Stephanie, if this is an infringement on your copyright let me know and I will remove it. No worries.]

Here is a sample of what is available: (copied right out of my subscription email)
  1. Ninja Cheatsheet for Cooking Success - Learn to avoid cooking failures and become a successful home chef with my top 10 cooking tips.
  2. Must-Have Kitchen Equipment Checklist - Not sure what kitchen tools you truly need? This tell-all guide shares ONLY what you need, and will help keep you organized.
  3. Ultimate Fridge Staple Checklist - If your fridge is out of control (or severely lacking in some areas) this list will get you perfectly stocked.
  4. Ultimate Pantry Staples Checklist - Crazy disorganized cupboards? This list will tell you what you need and what you don't.
  5. Grade-A Guide to Safe Meat Handling - Avoid food poisoning with this pro-level meat safety guide.
  6. Meat Buying Cheat Sheet - How to select the freshest meat for both flavor and safety.
  7. Super Fresh- Storing Meat Like A Pro - Another important part of avoiding food poisoning. How to safely store meat so no one gets sick.
  8. Oil Smoke Point Cheat Sheet - The easiest way to ruin your food is to burn your oil. Learn how to avoid this amateur cooking pitfall!
  9. How to Make Cultured Butter - Follow this SUPER easy guide on how to make your own French-style cultured butter, which is $20 a pound at the store.
  10. Simple Kitchen Herb and Spice Teas - Make simple teas from these 21 kitchen herbs and spices. They taste great and support your health!
There's also a visual library where you can browse the guides individually. 

Sign up, get your links...wander the recipe archive. You have time, it's Christmas break!

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