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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update to Culinary Mystery!

Remember when I wrote this post with pictures:

Culinary Mystery (you need to read this to understand the rest of the post)

Well after almost 2 years someone wrote in a with a link to the answer!  But first I want to ask why Arthur from Sheffield England DID NOT KNOW what it was, when it came from his neck of the woods!

Joe writes this:  I have come across one of these and Googled to find out what it is. I can confirm, it's a double sided fork / skewer for serving steak...Hope this helps!

Here is the mystery solved Link.

Its funny because at the time I had exhausted all kinds of Internet searches including Google and had not come up with anything...but first you got to know what your looking for!  And it was almost 2 years ago!

Thanks Joe!

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