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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Son! ~ New Job!

Right now I am at home happily enjoying time with my newest son, Ezra Michael! I have two boys now and I am extremely happy! Ezra Michael and Tytus Nathaniel!

In August I start my role as the new Food Service Director/Executive Chef at a local private Christian academy that's also attached to a church. Its a start-up, meaning they have a brand new commercial kitchen (its only a few years old) that is used by the church for conferences and events but have 'just arrived' at a place where its time to really kick it in gear and 'take it to the next level' by offering school meals and other events on a regular basis.

In between feeding the new baby (and he eats A LOT) and spending time with Tytus while he adjusts to having a baby brother my wife allows me to work on menu's, a small-ware order that's pending, paperwork...and getting ready for the main priority, health department inspection. We just need to vent and put an exhaust fan in a pantry area that will house another 3 door commercial refrigerator. 

After that I will get started on minor cleanup and check-off list I downloaded from the ADPH (Alabama Department of Public Health). I also have a copy of the 'routine' from a pretty recent inspection of another kitchen. Its something I have been thru before a few times but its always different and things change over the years.

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