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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pizza Salad?

When we lived in the bay area between San Jose and San Francisco we sometimes visited a place called Willow Street Wood Fired Pizza. Excellent place really. But one thing that stood out in our minds is a pizza, or flat-bread with a salad on top. So in the spirit of remember those good times and good food I recreated my own.

I already had some grilled chicken. Being a father of two, avid cook, and menu planner of sorts I often cook things up in batches on the weekend to help my wife when she feeds us during the week when she makes the menu's. I then made a fresh batch of dough with herbs de provence, garlic, and dried onion. Later I rolled it out just like I do my pizzas topping it off with just Parmesan I cooked it on my stone like a flat-bread/pizza.

Now all I need is the salad to top the flat-bread with. I used a premix of greens from the store, but you can use spinach or romaine (as I did again the next day). Instead of using a salad dressing I cut up black and green marinated olives (usually comes from store in wine, vinegar, garlic...things of that nature) and also added sun-dried tomatoes then tossed it with the greens. A pinch of salt added and it was delicious. We had an avocado hanging around we needed to use up so I sliced that up as well.

Flat-bread, salad-olive-sun dried tomato mix, grilled chicken, and avocado...

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