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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weighing in on Michelle Obama and School Lunch

Have you seen the video yet? Please inform yourself with the following YouTube video and then I will 'weigh in' on school lunch. Its quite humorous(and maybe true)!
I don't feel the need to make this long and drawn out. I don't understand why they would restrict the calories or police your packed lunch.  If you want to make school lunch healthier, go ahead! But keep the calories.

*[I don't understand why they want to ban soda's / cola's bigger than 16 ounce drinks in NYC either! This applies to the whole argument as you will soon put it all together.]*

The government is basically telling you that your ARE NOT a good parent or responsible adult and (if you have them) your kids are not taking any responsibility for their calorie and food choice consumption and neither are you. So, since they think the majority of you can not parent and be responsible they must now control this for you.

What do I think? I will quote my good friend Pastor Will (aka P. Dub):
"Ain't nobody ever got fat at school." ~ P. Dub

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