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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The SEASON is here!

Ahhhh, all the things that keep me busy during this season are here: Men's Retreat, boys getting sick, Thanksgiving Fundraiser, Pancake Breakfast, Teachers Christmas Banquet, Church Christmas Banquet.... You get the picture.

Its hard to find the time to post during this Fall/Winter season, so I don't. No reason to feel guilty, real life is happening!

Have any of you thought about deactivating your Facebook account? I have. Recently I have been seriously contemplating shutting it down till the beginning of the new year. For several reasons: one less distraction, no need to update, waste less time keeping up with others lives, less commenting and/or ranting on things I (8 years ago) would have never paid attention to...and to see how it might change my life.

Don't get me wrong, I like to stay connected but not at the expense of my time and my families time. And then maybe in January I can re-evaluate and activate it again and discipline myself to use a set amount of time on it. I will make my mind up by end of week.

Anyone who really needs to contact me I am still available by twitter or thru comments on this website. Most of you who stay in contact with me on a regular basis already have my information.

Who knows, I may have more time for posting on my website!

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