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Monday, August 4, 2014

LIBRARY! The Poor Person's Internet?

LIBRARY = FREE! Go get a library card!  If you haven't already done it, SHAME ON YOU! Its FREE, and remains free as long as you can get all your items back in on time, or renew them.

Whats available for check-out at the Library today?
  • Books, of course! I found culinary books that were released this year
  • Magazines
  • DVD's
  • CD Rom - computer software
  • Free internet use, and free Wi-Fi (most libraries today even small ones!)
  • Free lectures like the one I attended: 'Myths in Food Nutrition Today' hosted at the library by a woman who had multiple degrees in nutrition and diet.
Here are a couple of examples on how to use a library:
  • I have found instructional DVD's from Jacques Pepin to Julia Child cooking and technique.
  • I surf thru and to read reviews and see what culinary books I would want next and then find 80% of them at my local library! (that saved me some money!)
  • When obtaining the culinary resources I want I 'check in' online and reserve or request books from other branches - an alert is emailed to me when to pick them up!
  • Some libraries have online resources for downloading audio, video, and pdf/digital books.
  • Food & Wine related magazines that are up-to-date (they have monthly subscriptions at the Library) for example:  Savour, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Taste of Home, Food & Wine...
  • Sometimes an additional used book store (in, or attached to the library) that sell used books and magazines for pennies on the dollar. In the age of new technology where people are purchasing more books in digital format I am finding excellent, classic, high-dollar books (of all genre) by the dozens in library used book stores.
Above (in picture) I found On Food And Cooking by Harold McGee $2, Yes two dollars! The Soul Of A Chef by Michael Ruhlman $0.50, fifty cents! I had previously purchased these books a long time ago, read them, and re-read them and them passed them on to others. I may re-read The Soul Of A Chef and even keep On Food And Cooking for reference in my library, but at this price I would gladly buy them and give them away again!

What All Libraries Have Today This link goes to a government site that explains in more detail than my brief listing above what can be found at your local library. One of the greatest FREE resources on the planet that dates back BEFORE the internet and still includes the internet.  GET YOUR LIBRARY CARD TODAY!

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