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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Small Bits And Favorites

Waffle Cornbread & Chili 
My wife made an excellent Turkey Chili with cornbread made in the waffle iron. We have often cooked many a weird things in the waffle iron (like a delicious montage of leftover tater-tots...Mmmm) BUT now there has been a cookbook and blog surfacing thru Facebook the last few months (or maybe more?)...WILL IT WAFFLE? -- Or check out some excellent post about waffling more food here SERIOUS EATS WAFFLING.

Free Cookbook 4$ a day
Good and Cheap is a collection of recipes for people with limited incomes, particularly those on a $4/day food stamps/EBT card budget. [click on picture it links to website with free PDF]

Pillowcase Salad Spinner
Once again I don't even have to make this stuff up! I could see this as being very useful at home for a big dinner party!

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