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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Last Week of School, Relatives, and Graduations!

I finally made it to the end of another school year!

Last week found some crazy times for us here at the Barton household. The In-Laws came in town on Monday for Tytus kindergarten graduation last Tuesday Night. AND my Aunt and Uncle that I haven't seen in about 10 years called Wednesday morning and said (paraphrase) "We are traveling with our camper and weren't that far away so we decided to come on down and visit! We are about an hour away!". Wow!

My mom and dad don't have the means to "put them up" and neither does my sister's family with their schedule and full house so I offered to have them come over my house. I mean, hey, they have their own camper to stay in and I wanted my boys to meet them since they never have! I think it worked out fine.

During all this time I am working. I just finished Tytus graduation party for the school on Tuesday night. Cake, cheese & crackers, fruit trays, chicken tenders..."fancy for five year olds" is what I would call it. SO it was a 7am to 9pm workday. Then the call from my Aunt and Uncle came Wednesday morning while Steph was running Tytus to appointments and In-Laws were watching Ezra. Thursday Steph was back at work. And Friday night we repeated the graduation party for the seniors which was a little more elegant than the Dr Seuss's "Oh the places we will go" theme for kindergarten graduation.

Wednesday night The Homies, Steph, my In-Laws, and my Aunt & Uncle all had dinner at my house. Steph and I cooked/grilled chicken, peppers & onions, black beans, cilantro lime rice, salsa...Nachos/Burritos/Quesadillas make your own style. The  rest of my family took a little time out of the day on Thursday catching up with "family news" with the Aunt and Uncle. The In-Laws spent the day with The Homies (as we were both at work). Then both the In-Laws and Aunt & Uncle were on the road early Friday morning as I was back at work and getting ready for Senior Graduation that night. - Sigh. On a sad note, I didn't get any pictures why they were here!

I was able to get some paperwork turned in by teachers and requested forms from school as we continue getting all our paperwork in for Mercy Ships.

Saturday was chill. Steph and I were able to enjoy a date-night! Thank you Mimi & Papa! And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for helping out with the last minute scheduling, spending time with The Homies, and Aunt & Uncle!

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