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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What is a "Calling"?

 If you grew up in church, you may have heard people say "God called me to Africa!". Maybe someone has said "My calling is to translate the bible for the lost tribes of the Amazon!". These type callings  are the ones we have grown up hearing. 

When people notice others are great at a certain thing (or things) and they do them with passion it is often said "They were called to do that!", "That's GOT to be your calling!".

A long time ago It was quite "trendy" to hear *believers say "I was called to [a specific country] to serve the people and share the gospel!". There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not the kind of calling that beckons me. To use my talents and skills in various locations and situations was the "calling". Being willing to serve in any capacity based on your passion, talents, and skills brings a level of freedom that allows you to be more creative, engaged, motivated...and in return you can become motivating, encouraging, and inspirational to others!

If your "calling" limits and frustrates you, is it really a calling? Can "callings" change? Are we called to do this or that today, and go here and there tomorrow? Or are we to live out our calling in one way, one location, one culture or people group?

#Ponder that and get back to me in the comments, or Tyrone@[this website].com

*I use the word "believer" as in a person who follows Jesus.

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