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[JULY 2019] THANK YOU for following our journey these last two years as our family served with Mercy Ships! We appreciate your prayers, encouragment, financial support...We are so grateful for you partnering with us! -- We are now back in Alabama trying to transition back into our community. ~ The Barton Family

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Getting Started Q&A

Compiled here is a Q&A for the questions we have been asked the most about returning to Mercy Ships. Christians would call what we do missionary work. Another label would be Humanitarian aid workers. Mercy Ships gives free medical care regardless of religion or faith. BUT we share the Gospel of Jesus during their time with us. Whether they accept it or not, does NOT keep them from getting the best care possible. A team, a whole ship full of people, praying for them and loving on them!  [more here...]

Where will you be serving/working? The plan is to work on the Africa Mercy which services the west coast of Africa.

Why a ship? A ship is the most efficient platform to deliver a state-of-the-art hospital to regions where clean water, electricity, medical facilities and personnel is limited or nonexistent. And, because more than 50% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast, we can reach more people who need care.

Are you taking your kids? YES. Our kids are going with us. This is a long term, 2-3 years starting commitment based on positions being filled. We go as a family.

Are you home schooling? NO. We are not gifted in that area...Mercy Ships has an academy on the Africa Mercy that is accredited in the USA. 

Do you actually live on the ship? YES. 

How big are the cabins? A family cabin is about 600 square feet "give or take". (Depends on size of family, availability, and set-up/floor plan)

Have you done this before? YES. But not with children, they came later. We are very familiar with the organization and have worked in both West Africa and the Caribbean/Central America on more than one of their ships. 

How much does it pay? Nothing. It doesn't pay. Mercy Ships is a global charity. We are required to pay crew fees (similar to rent, utilities, and meals), insurance, education for kids, travel (to and from ship for any reason, emergency, fundraising, vacation...) and for necessities, food, clothing, medical care, toiletries...

Where does the money, your financial support, come from? From people just like you! Mostly it's from friends & family, churches, former associates, people who love to invest in bringing hope & healing to the less fortunate in a more direct, tangible, personal way.
* Occasionally there are people who have found corporate sponsors but it is pretty rare. But if your company would like to, contact us!

To find out more, click here for volunteer-faqs straight from Mercy Ships.

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