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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Homies Christmas Programs

Tytus recently had a Christmas program at school and he loves dressing up and looking handsome!

Ezra? Well, maybe not so much. He was more about trying to catch a nap. Which is odd because he can't seem to take one at the appropriate time. Hahaha! In a picture below you seem him trying to "cuddle up" to one of the teachers aids. He yawned more than 7 times and at one point when the lady bent over to help another student Ezra leaned over and laid on her back! Zzzzzz...

In this video below you will see Tytus singing with gusto and
emotion. You may need to expand it to see him good. Tytus is the King with the golden crown and blue robe. Pastor Will took this short clip. Give it a few seconds before Tytus really kicks it in with his great singing!

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