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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sailing to Cameroon! (not Cancun, Katy...LOL)

Hello! I hope you are enjoying this fine day. As our time is about 6 hours ahead, you may be getting up when I write this!

We are currently sailing to Cameroon. My niece Katy once said we were going to Cancun on a mission trip! LOL Can you imagine the thought behind the persons mind? "I am sending them to a well-known vacation destination spot?!" No. Cameroon West Africa. :-)

Internet is limited as we sail. Most priority goes to work. I was able to post a few pics in the "my day" feature of Facebook messenger that you can access. Or request to friend me (Tyrone).

The boys are doing well with sailing. Although Ezra has an upset stomach this morning he is not complaining of the sail. We are on day 3(or 4?). -- Correction, Ezra is definitely seasick, but he is doing much better on the medication. We started him on the medication but thought that maybe he would be like the rest of us, medicine free and doing fine. But no, he needs it. But he is getting back to himself again!

School starts for the boys on Tuesday! We have an "open house" Monday night. Both Tytus AND Ezra are excited to start. We have already met their teachers because they were in our onboarding class.

Our cabin on board was very nice. The previous "owners" have been in it since the ship first sailed as Africa Mercy. They left us a "ton" of useful stuff that made it very easy to get comfortable and settle in. And of course, we brought very selective stuff for the boys (superhero things) to make it "homey". Later we will receive our "home-bins" from the container arriving in Cameroon.

I, Tyrone, am having a challenging time with work straight away. BUT it was not unexpected. There is always more work and ways to improve in any area of food service. It is not uncommon. 

Think about this:
  • The dynamics of international short term and long term volunteers...
  • Skilled and unskilled people in the Galley (kitchen) and Dining Room...
  • Cultural and Theological differences...
What do you get? A great group of people who love Jesus trying to make it all work, despite ourselves, and with Gods help!

Stephanie has been very busy with the boys. Also connecting with Medical staff to see where she can be most effective in helping out in field service.

Our arrival date for Cameroon is August 17. Pray for safe travels and no sea sickness! So far the sail has been calm, relaxing, and without incident.

Feel free to write back questions, email is the fastest way to communicate right now. And facebook messenger seems to work OK as well. But not Facebook. I can't even get Facebook to load!

Thank you! We appreciate you so much!

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