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Friday, November 3, 2017

Time Keeps Ticking

Time is a funny thing on the ship. I have come to realize that time is not my own, even more so than off the ship. Community life makes that very clear. Simple tasks like doing laundry can take much longer than normal. You may see a friend that needs you to listen to them. Or a new person that needs to be shown how to use the ships laundry machines. Tyrone laughs at me when I say " I'll be right back." We both know that's highly unlikely. Time seems to both fly by, and creep, on the ship. My days on the ship are packed between kids, work, quiet time, exercise, cleaning, and relationships. The days are quick but I find myself thinking it feels like we have been here much longer than 3 months.

My time on the ward is sweet. Some days are full and others I leave early. It depends on if the nurses need any help with complicated dressings, lab draws, or other tasks. Some days I spend tidying up the ICU or spending time with the patients playing games or cuddling a baby.

This time around on the ship is so different. My job is made up and I don't function in the same role as the other nurses and I love that. I get to support them as they take excellent care of their patients. I am a lucky girl.

The boys are doing well and most days they love living on the ship. Tytus was super disappointed that there is not Halloween on the ship. I am sure I will have 2 little superheroes with me at dinner.

Tytus visited the Hope Center on a field trip last week. He loves being around the patients. They are well enough not to be in the hospital but not recovered enough to venture back to their villages. Ezra is loving school and being home with me in the afternoons. He has a good group of super-energetic boys in his class that he loves to play with, in and out of school. His highlight of the week is the gymnastic class every other Tuesday.
Tyrone is...[ He said he will write soon] 

Time keeps ticking. But I am learning it really matters to be intentional. Spending my time building relationships with the crew, day crew, and patients. And more importantly with Jesus. Ultimately my time with the Lord is what keeps me grounded and focused on this time, on this place and on these people.

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