Saturday, April 9, 2016


Do you want a personal connection to a trustworthy charity with lasting impact?

Do you want to give and make a difference, but it feels unfulfilling and ineffective? Every year hundreds of charities bombard you pleading for your money. Later you feel disconnected and unappreciated.

We have years of experience working in the volunteer non-profit world. Being on both sides of giving and receiving we understand the problem. We feel your pain! We have been in this situation ourselves!

We would like to offer you a partnership. When you give to our family through Mercy Ships, you directly affect the work. You feel confident in an organization that has been operating for 40 years. And at the same time, you connect on a personal level.

If this is truly a partnership, what do you get in return?

Mercy Ships processes your generous giving and provides tax-deductible receipts. You empower our family to volunteer on site. You receive both organizational and personal updates on what's happening in the field.

  • You feel great about giving to a cause you believe in. 
  • You know how your financial gift is being used well 
  • You can connect directly to those working in the field. 
Avoid Failure!
  • wasted money, 
  • spam, 
  • unfulfilling causes, 
  • impersonal/no connection, 
  • ineffective... 
Personal Transformation!
You are a satisfied giver, feeling connected and effective! You are a joyful partner who is making a lasting difference.

That's how Ulrich (also known as JR) is feeling right now! Successful and Transformed! All thanks to partners like you who believe in, and support, the great work that can be done!

Are you ready?   Start Here...