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Monday, May 2, 2016

I Think This is What Deja Vu Feels Like

2001 - Today
No Hair, No Tan, Mo' Fat...
I'm doing alright!
I first applied with Mercy Ships in 2001 as a cook. I had some management skills but I just wanted to get on board and serve! It was a new adventure for me and one that brought growth in both my spiritual development and trade experience.

Not long after finding out I had some skills the current Chief Cook (similiar to Executive Chef) decided it was time to leave. She was an Italian woman named Maria from Sicily. She was eager to leave the ship because she was to be engaged to Reuben from El Salvador. These are the facts the best I know them. From there she
handed the kitchen (known as galley on a ship) over to me.

Fast forward to today. I first applied for the Food Service Manager on board the Africa Mercy. But then I  requested the Senor Chef position thinking it would be a better fit for me. There are some differences in the two. The Senor Chef is under the Food Service Manager in structure but I see myself enjoying the experience more. More time being in the kitchen and with the cooking teams. I like it. -- But we'll see what happens!

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