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Monday, August 15, 2016

7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #2 Lasting Impact

Lasting Impact! Does your charity have it? 
As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. Last week we discussed #1 Trustworthy. This week we discuss #2 Lasting Impact
Great charities should be able to prove their impact.
Mercy Ships Annual Report tells us the impact of their last outreach. BUT you don't want to hear what you can read yourself. So, let's get past the "statistics & numbers".
Please watch this Mercy Ships Lasting Impact video. It's short.[2:44]

Creating Lasting Impact

Remember the story of how Scott Harrison started Charity:WaterAs a direct result of the impact of Mercy Ships on Scott, look at what Charity:Water is doing today! [Scott's blog while at Mercy Ships 2004-2006, On A Mercy Ship
I met Jack and Cherie Minton in January 2002, then leaders of a training course I was taking at Mercy Ships. Because of the impact on their lives, they started the charity Hope Force International(2003).
There are many more stories like this...
Volunteers organize on their days off. They adopt a patient, visit prisons, orphanages, the handicapped, the elderly...Feeding, playing, caring, and praying for them.
You see a lasting impact in Mercy Ships volunteers. Short-term volunteers return many times. Long-term volunteers often return(if they ever leave). Some volunteers have never left...over 30 years later! 
You may never hear about the impact from individuals like Ali and Tracey. Personal stories that will touch your heart: Heartbreak and Hope and Milk Delivery.
MercyShipsLinks.blogspot.com is not an official Mercy Ships website BUT hosts links to current volunteersThese are first-hand experiences. A charity has a real impact when it goes far beyond the field of work. It affects your life.

Mercy Ships impacts everyone involved; the recipient, the donor, the volunteer...shouldn't every charity?

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