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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #3 Great Communication

How hard is it?
Did you miss the introduction? We are using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. If you have missed our previous posts, click here:
Communication, that thing that can drive you CRAZY!
Most nonprofits think more communication is better. Most donors disagree. But at the same time, almost 50% of donors stop giving due to charities "failure to communicate".
Research shows...

  • Corporate donors like communication as a one-page newsletter. Edited to show only the impact and interests of their donations. 
  • Individual donors lean towards newsletters that "Story Tell". One page newsletters that paint a more vivid picture of the HOW and less on the "statistics & numbers".

In both cases, the donor complains of the communication method is to frequent. Newsletters are lengthy in non-essential content. But what is non-essential if the donor is looking for a more personal connection?
Keep it simple, pay attention to donors, and read between the lines!
  • Acknowledgment, appreciation, and "Thank You!" for gifts received
  • Updates on accomplishments 
  • Tell personal stories and give specific results
One thing stands out, don't use EVERY communication to ASK FOR MONEY!
Nonprofits can avoid the "wrong kind" of communicationover-solicitation, by using social media.   This allows the donor to control the amount of content they want to receive.
Mercy Ships for example, gives several great content outlets:
In my experience "Personal Connection" is the greatest communication.
Which we will discuss next time...

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