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Monday, August 29, 2016

7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #4 Personal Connection

When you started giving to a charity what was the deciding factor?
  • A social injustice you are passionate about
  • A local, national, or international disaster
  • Members of family or friends are/were affected by it...
Most of the time we give to a charity because we feel a personal connection. Over time we can lose that feeling when the charity loses sight of how we became involved in the first place.
Personalization matters. Receiving personalized content make about 71 percent of donors feel more engaged. When it's done wrong it rubs donors the wrong way. For example:
  • misspelled names 
  • irrelevant information
  • age-inappropriate material
* Abila Donor Loyalty Study
When the personal connection no longer remains, neither does the donor.

There is a way to keep that personal connection. Sponsoring a volunteer long-term.

Not every charity has this unique set-up. With Mercy Ships, you can sponsor a crew member. Whether you sponsor someone you know [like us] or pick someone randomly, it's a good time to start a friendship that will give you a personal connection.

Support a volunteer working in a charity! With your personal connection, there is a chance to...
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from a volunteer
  • Receive personal stories/perspective
  • Have field reports and pictures specific to your volunteer's service
  • Have your own "inside source"
  • Double or triple the impact your donation makes [Your support affects the charity, the volunteer(s), and the recipients!]
If your donations are at a corporate level I would challenge you to continue your existing support as well as add support for one, or a few volunteers [Crew Members].

Groups can bring their resources together and sponsor an individual or family! (work departments, book clubs, church small groups, Boy Scout/Girl Scout dens or packs, athletic clubs...)

Personal Connection brings long-term satisfaction to donors.

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