7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #3 Great Communication

#3 Great Communication. How hard is it?

As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. If you have missed our previous posts, click here: #1 Trustworthy #2 Lasting Impact 

Communication, that thing that can drive you CRAZY!

Most nonprofits think more frequent communication is better. Most donors disagree. But at the same time almost 50% of donors stop giving due to charities "failure to communicate" 

Research shows...


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #2 Lasting Impact

Lasting Impact! Does your charity have it? 

As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. Last week we discussed #1 TrustworthyThis week we discuss #2 Lasting Impact

Great charities should be able to prove their impact.

Mercy Ships Annual Report easily tells us the impact of their last outreach. BUT you don't want to hear what you can read yourself, so lets get past the "statistics & numbers" and look at lasting impact.

Arguably important as having a high impact, is a lasting impact!


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #1 Trustworthy

We kicked off the Introduction on our last post: Charitable Giving: 7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction!  Now we are on to...Trustworthy!

You want to know if your financial support is truly doing the work you purposed for it to do! Right? 

Trustworthy. Legitimate. Proven. These are the words donors want to hear about their charities. As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series.

Mercy Ships is the Trustworthy Charity.

Disclaimer: We are not official representatives of Mercy Ships nor have we ever been employed (paid money) by Mercy Ships. HOWEVER, We have spent many years as volunteers working in the organization! We love how their vision incorporates our skills, talents, and values to compliment the mission!


Introduction : 7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction!

You are a generous person. Yes, that's right, YOU! All the research and statistics tell me YOU love helping out, YOU love giving back, and YOU love supporting great causes!

Your looking at me concerned thinking out loud, "That's a little overboard don't you think?".

In 2015 71% of Charitable giving in the USA was from INDIVIDUALS! Up 3.8% from the year before! For my friends outside the USA the World Giving Index Chart shows your generosity is outstanding! -- And goes on to say: "Some of the world’s most generous countries are among the most deprived." WHAT?! -- That's right, GENEROSITY thrives even in the most deprived countries!


Low­Fat Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins

○  3 medium very ripe bananas 
○  1egg 
○  1/3 cup low­fat milk 
○  1/2 cup granulated sugar (maybe substitute with honey) 
○  1/2 cup brown sugar 
○  1 1/2 cups flour (wheat or white) 
○  1 teaspoon baking soda 
○  1 teaspoon salt 
○  2 tablespoons to 1/4 cup chocolate chips (depends on how chocolatey you like it!) Also I like to use mini chips, less chance of them sinking to the bottom of muffin. 
○  2 tablespoons pecans/chopped walnuts (optional) 
○  1/2 Cup Applesauce 
○  1/2 Cup Rolled Oats (also called old fashioned or whole oats)


Ezra's BATMAN! Chocolate Cupcakes with Reese's Surprise!

Ezra recently had his 4th birthday party and with this came the usual choices like cake, cupcakes, or cookie cake. There's also deciding if I was going to make some spectacular creation like a previous Dinosaur Train CakeJake and the Neverland Pirate Cake, or this one I pulled off in Liberia West Africa Estevam Turns ONE! over 8 years ago. I thought the heat alone was going to melt the homemade marshmallow fondant off that cake!

We (wife and I) have had great cupcakes over the years and I thought it was time to go that route again. The theme was BATMAN! And we found some nice cupcake topper rings with the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman logo. Even if the presentation is not going to be "spectacular" like previously mentioned cakes, we still want it to be special.


How to MacGyver a broken electric smoker!

I knew a month ago that my smoker was broken but being the Frugal Guru that I am (read: cheap) I couldn't throw it away! Using my culinary MacGyver skills I decided I could still use it to smoke the chicken I was doing for this July 4th weekend.
WOW! My smoker has faded over the years! I wonder if that is from a combination of heat and sun? 
 I realized that I could easily make this usable as a charcoal smoker. The bottom of my smoker has a round electric element with lava rocks. Otherwise there was plenty of room and a metal bowl as a base. I had my wife get a bag of Match Light Charcoal when she was at the store.