Mercy Ships...it's getting closer all the time!

YES! It's time for an update on what's happening with Mercy Ships!

Last week I had a conference call with Human Resources in Texas, the Chief Operating Officer, and with the Chief Steward (both on the Africa Mercy in Benin). Everything looks good and we have a verbal acceptance and HR said they will get things going with our acceptance package!

What does that mean? Well for starters we are closer to being set up for support raising and now we have to get busy on the next steps for everything else. Such as:
  • Getting the house ready to sell in Spring
  • What's it called? Pairing down, minimizing, the reverse of hoarding? DOWNSIZING! That't it. I got stuck.
  • We have already been pro-active in getting medical appointments and check-ups done...(shots will come later)
  • Probably passports for The Homies and renewals for us.
We need to get these and other things like this done while also navigating the already busy holiday times, our jobs, and keep our kids on track with their schedules. 

SO PLEASE keep us in your thoughts and prayers as busy life gets busier, more exciting, and kinda scary sometimes when you think about it too long!

The Homies are going to be Superman (Tytus) and Batman (Ezra) for Halloween! But that should come as no surprise to you if you have been following along with our newsletter or Instagram

Halloween night our Missional Community Group (from Summit Crossing Community Church) will meet at our house for a Halloween Party! We are probably going to eat, play rock band, and give candy to trick or treaters!  The meal theme is "apps & zerts" (appetizers and desserts). And of course take Superman and Batman out for some candy collection! (unless they are having to much fun at home to leave!)

Yeah, our MC Group is pretty cool like that!

We also have a friend from Mercy Ships coming to hang out with us that night! SO it will be a great time for our group to interact with others from the organization and also for us to catch up. (Awhile back we also had a friend from Brazil come and stay with us as he was passing through to Mercy Ships base in Texas. He is now back on board with his family.)

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7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #7 Thank You!

#7 Thank You!

If you've missed the introduction start here:  Charitable Giving: 7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! 

Finishing out strong with a proper THANK YOU! is always necessary and yet, surprisingly, over 21% of supporters reported they were never thanked! (see source below)

In the What Donors Want Research conducted by Cygnus applied Research, Inc./Burk & Associates LTD we get a clearer picture of the importance of showing appreciation:


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #6 Involvement

We kicked off the Introduction Charitable Giving: 7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! a few weeks ago and now we are on to...

#6 Involvement. What does that look like?

Donors do a lot for their favorite charity (Source: Charity Dynamics | NTEN BenchMark Report)
Donors were asked to describe the things they do for their favorite charity, and with what frequency. 


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #5 Commitment

Years ago commitment to donors was such a concern that it birthed the Donor Bill of Rights. Which in turn helped donors stay committed to their charities over the long term. Offering a commitment almost always calls for some kind of commitment in return from the recipient. This is a good thing!

As a donor (to any organization) your commitment usually requires the organization to...
  • be Trustworthy 
  • have Lasting Impact! 
  • keep Great Communication
As a Recipient we bring you...


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #4 Personal Connection

When you started giving to a charity what was the deciding factor?
  • A social injustice you are passionate about
  • A local, national, or international disaster
  • Members of family or friends are/were effected by it...
Most of the time we give to a charity because we feel a personal connection. But over time we can lose that feeling when the charity loses sight of how we came to be involved with them in the first place.


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #3 Great Communication

#3 Great Communication. How hard is it?

As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. If you have missed our previous posts, click here: #1 Trustworthy #2 Lasting Impact 

Communication, that thing that can drive you CRAZY!

Most nonprofits think more frequent communication is better. Most donors disagree. But at the same time almost 50% of donors stop giving due to charities "failure to communicate" 

Research shows...


7 Things That Bring Donors Long Term Satisfaction! #2 Lasting Impact

Lasting Impact! Does your charity have it? 

As explained in the introduction we will be using Mercy Ships as the charity for this series. Last week we discussed #1 TrustworthyThis week we discuss #2 Lasting Impact

Great charities should be able to prove their impact.

Mercy Ships Annual Report easily tells us the impact of their last outreach. BUT you don't want to hear what you can read yourself, so lets get past the "statistics & numbers" and look at lasting impact.

Arguably important as having a high impact, is a lasting impact!