Tuesday, February 21, 2017

International Health Insurance: A Big Part of Our Budget!

A big part of raising money for our family to serve in Africa is the insurance. Being U.S. citizens we are still required to have health insurance. Our policy should include international health insurance and emergency evacuation. The Omega Plan (for families) by Talent Trust Consultants covers this and is U.S. approved. The cost on average is $750 a month for a family of four. Can you help me "brainstorm" and "think outside the box"? Has anyone had Blue Cross, Cigna, or another company be willing to sponsor them by providing insurance? Do you know someone who has done something like this? What are some ideas on how to do that?

If we found a financial partner, or provider, for the insurance this would take quite a bit off the overall budget.

Contact us through Tyrone[at]BartonsOnBoard[dot]com , comment below, or use the contact form in the right hand column towards the bottom. We would love to hear some feedback on this!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mystery Nurse Revealed!

We made the news!

About a week ago my wife (who is a registered nurse) drove up to a bad accident. I can't tell the story as good as WHNT News Channel 19 so I won't try.--There is a video at the beginning of the article and one at the end. All I can say is I am very proud of my wife! (and she has better camera presence than me) -- Mystery Nurse Steps Forward After Saving Strangers Life

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Getting Started Q&A #2

If you missed "Getting Started Q&A" read it first, and then come back for #2.

Do you have a budget and/or goal?
YES! If you signed up for our newsletter (use Subscribe button) you received a link to our budget. If not, you may request one through email.  * Tyrone [@)] BartonsOnBoard [dot] com *
If your family starts Mercy Ships in June, why do you need to raise support now? 
There are several reasons BUT first let me explain our process.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Fearless Fresh - Stephanie Stiavetti

On the right hand side of my site below "Popular Posts" I have a "Free Culinary Resource Page". This is where I gather links that I think would be helpful to other people who love to cook. Check it out if you haven't already! Today I am adding a link to an old, new website.

Awhile ago I subscribed to The Culinary Life Newsletter. But due to a technical glitch, I quit receiving emails. Originally it was a food blog at TheCulinaryLife.com. It has since changed its name to FearlessFresh.com, where Stephanie Stiavetti is building a free online cooking school.

 Fearless Fresh - Stephanie Stiavetti
If you sign up for her updates you get a link(s) to free cooking eBooks and training. Her recipe archives are great! The colors, pictures, layout and design of the website is impressive! This also carries over to her printable recipes and downloadable PDF's. NICE.

[Stephanie, if this is an infringement on your copyright let me know and I will remove it. No worries.]

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Homies Christmas Programs

Tytus recently had a Christmas program at school and he loves dressing up and looking handsome!

Ezra? Well, maybe not so much. He was more about trying to catch a nap. Which is odd because he can't seem to take one at the appropriate time. Hahaha! In a picture below you seem him trying to "cuddle up" to one of the teachers aids. He yawned more than 7 times and at one point when the lady bent over to help another student Ezra leaned over and laid on her back! Zzzzzz...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Moving Forward!

A quick update! We have a green light from Mercy Ships and everything is moving forward!

These past two weeks:
  • We have been able to get our donations page set-up online. If you click the yellow DONATE button here on the website it will take you to a Mercy Ships page for our family where you can securely give online!
  • Last Saturday we participated in an Advent Market. We had a booth to sell t-shirts and share information about our mission with Mercy Ships.
  • A local photographer helped us with getting a family picture done to make Mission Cards.
This week Christmas programs, banquets, work, and school have us pretty busy! As I am SURE you are too!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mercy Ships...it's getting closer all the time!

YES! It's time for an update on what's happening with Mercy Ships!

Last week I had a conference call with Human Resources in Texas, the Chief Operating Officer, and with the Chief Steward (both on the Africa Mercy in Benin). Everything looks good and we have a verbal acceptance and HR said they will get things going with our acceptance package!

What does that mean? Well for starters we are closer to being set up for support raising and now we have to get busy on the next steps for everything else. Such as: