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These websites have great articles and resources within articles that help with fundraising...
Future Fundraising Now
Shepherds Staff Support Raising Page
Support Raising Solutions
Financial Partnership Development Q2 2016 Top 10 blog posts! Q3 2016 Top 10 blog posts!

Learn from Giving Trends...
Giving USA 2016 (info-graph)
World Giving Index 2015 (downloads for 2014, and 2013 too)

Great websites for fundraising tools...
Fired Up Fundraising A little bit of everything here.
5 Smart Ways Missionaries... (also has 3 more links to articles that are helpful at end of post)
The Perfect Sales Letter (video) Because support raising is a lot like sales.
Help with Support Letters Google search for PDF's and links that help/or have examples of support letters
Pinterest Search for all Fundraising Ideas
The Only Resource List You’ll Ever Need (I don't know if it's the ONLY one, BUT it's a GREAT one!)
Network For Good - Free Fundraising Resources Library

PDF's in no particular order that I felt helpful in my research...a lot of these are geared towards career fundraisers working for nonprofits BUT are helpful in setting your heart, attitude, and work towards making effective advancements in your own personal fundraising.
What Donors Want...
Informed Giving
Donor Engagement Study
Insights into Donor Engagement Behavior and Preferences
Donor Loyalty Study
What Donors Value (this is more about community foundations)
More Money for More Good
How to Write Amazing Fundraising Appeals
Funding Your Ministry Dreams: God’s Job orYour Job?
Thank Your Donors!

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet - A quick and easy to follow resource to help you make sure your social media images are always optimized. This site also has a great guide for starting a blog if you need a little help there too.

STUDY; Best times to send Emails
STUDY: Best times to post on Social Media

Great ONLINE tools for writing, grammar, and blogging!
Hemingway Editor (personal favorite)
The Free Readability Test Tool - Readable
Online Editor – Grammar Checker
Results | The Writer
Write Better Headlines: Free Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule

Free Pictures for Use!
Free stock photos · Pexels
Stock Up - 13,000+ Free Stock Photos
Free Stock Images & Videos ~
Unsplash | High-Resolution Photos
FoodiesFeed - Free Food Pictures

What do colors mean?
Infograph - What are your colors saying?

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